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Welcome to MSIAM, Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, master program at Grenoble, France

Currently, applied mathematics is an area that provides many job opportunities, in industry and in the academic world. There is a great demand for mathematical engineers on topics such as scientific computation, big data analysis, imaging and computer graphics, with applications in many fields such as physics, medicine, biology, engineering, finance, environmental sciences (see also the possible job titles for people with backgrounds in applied maths).

The Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (MSIAM) offers a large spectrum of courses, covering areas where the research in applied math in Grenoble is at the best level. Our graduates are trained to become experts and leaders in scientific and technological projects where mathematical modeling and computing issues are central, in industry or research. A large and distinguished graduate Faculty participate in the program, bringing their expertise in a wide range of areas of mathematics including applied analysis, numerical analysis and scientific computing, probability theory and statistics, computational graphics, image analysis and processing, and applied geometry.

2022-2023 Admissions

The 2022 application website is now open: consult the application process and access the online application here.! 8-)

Do not hesitate to browse the specific M2 pages to get precise ideas about our offer.

Information on the admission of non-EU students to Grenoble’s higher education institutions

The Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes (ComUE UGA), the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), Grenoble Institute of Technology (INP), Sciences Po Grenoble and the Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Grenoble (ENSAG) reaffirm their commitment to international students, and to the values of openness and exchange. We are well aware of the concerns raised by the French government’s recent announcement that France will significantly increase its tuition costs for non-EU students, and we support the French Council of University Presidents (CPU)'s request to suspend the measure in favor of a large-scale dialogue. Grenoble’s higher education institutions will continue to welcome international students at all levels of study – undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral – at the same rates as French and EU students; any student who expresses the need for these lower tuition rates will be exempt from the new, higher fees. The registration conditions for non-EU students at the Sciences Po Grenoble and the ENSAG also remain unchanged.

About the program

The academic program is a two-year Master program (120 ECTS), fully taught in English. It combines three semesters of courses and laboratory work (93 ECTS) with a six-month individual research project (27 ECTS).

* The first year is composed of a common core which provides theoretical and practical grounds in probability and statistics, PDE and modelling, images and geometry as well as computer sciences, optimization and cryptology. The courses list can be found here.

* In the second year, the third semester is divided into tracks:

* However a personalized track may also be build for some students from the available courses (if no timetable conflicts appears). The personalized tracks must be approved by the Professors in charge of MSIAM.

* The fourth semester is devoted to the master thesis project.

Who should apply?

To be admitted to the program, candidates must have previously completed their undergraduate studies and been awarded a Bachelor degree in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics, or equivalent.

Application process.

Contact us

If you need assistance, please contact

  • admission information for year 2: email us at the address msiam2 “at” ensimag “dot” fr|
  • admission information for year 1: email us at the address msiam1 “at” ensimag “dot” fr|

MSIAM flyers

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