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University studies are sponsored by the state in France, and are thus relatively inexpensive compared to other European and North American countries (tuition is essentially free :-D).

As with any French University program, registration in the Industrial and Applied Mathematics Master 2 at Grenoble requires payment of a relatively modest registration fee which is revised annually by the French Minister of Education. Thanks to generous support from the French Education Ministry, annual registration fees will be approximately 250 Euros. In addition to this registration fee, students are also required to subscribe to the national health insurance program, requiring a payment of around 200 Euros.

Scholarship programs

The general rule is apply first for MSIAM then you may apply for a scholarship (without waiting for your MSIAM application result). You can find here all information regarding the scholarships programs for MSIAM candidates:

These scholarships are intended for students of excellent academic standing, who want to experience education à la française in a very active scientific environment.

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