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Academic Program

The academic program is a two-years Master program (120 ECTS), fully taught in English. It combines three semesters of courses and laboratory work (90 ECTS) with a six-month individual research project (30 ECTS).

* The first year is composed of a common core which provides theoretical and practical grounds in probability and statistics, PDE and modelling, images and geometry as well as computer sciences, optimization and cryptology. The courses list can be found here.

* In the second year, the third semester is essentially divided in 2 tracks: NEW 2019

  • Data Science (DS) (adapted from the 2018 tracks Fundamentals od Data Science (FDS) and Large Scale Data Science(LSDS))
  • However a personalized track may also be build for some students from the available courses (if no timetable conflicts appears). The personalized tracks must be approved by the Professors in charge of MSIAM.

* The fourth semester is devoted to the master thesis project, performed under the supervision of scientific research teams at affiliated research laboratories operated by local universities (Grenoble INP, UJF), public research centers (INRIA, CNRS, CEA) or local companies.

In 2017 the tracks were: * Modeling, Scientific Computing and Image analysis (MSCI) * Statistics (STAT) * Data Science (DS) * Industrial Mathematics (IM) In 2018 IM and MSCI are merging

Preparing a doctorate after MSIAM

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